About Gildernew & Co.

At Gildernew & Co we’re committed to providing expert accountancy services and high-quality restructuring and insolvency advice to our clients. Based in Dungannon, we work with a diverse range of businesses and individuals. Our clients are working in Mid Ulster, Belfast, Armagh, Fermanagh, the North West and across the UK and Ireland.

Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing, engineering or healthcare, or you are involved in recruitment, the motor trade, agri-food or professional services, Gildernew & Co bring a new dimension in business advice to your business. Our expert team provides trusted accountancy services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, no matter what industry they belong to. That means, when you come to Gildernew & Co, you can expect a personalised service that meets your individual requirements. We believe in building trusted relationships with every client, ensuring reliable services that are consistently delivered by people you know, and we’re always on hand, when you need to speak with us.

Client-Centred Accountancy Services

Gathering together a team of like-minded professionals with years of industry experience, Gildernew & Co was established in 2016 with the client at its core. Committed to providing high-quality services, we work closely with all our clients, helping them do everything from manage their accounts more effectively, to running more efficient IT systems in their businesses. We encourage our clients to consider the present but also, the future, nurturing their businesses through expert advice, and working across generations as a result.

We help clients to:
• Understand the nuts and bolts of their business
• Identify the key drivers within their business and the level of return they’re achieving
• Make better use of IT systems/improve automation and efficiency
• Restructure their business and affairs where necessary to cut out poor performance and improve productivity

Our Process

When you come to Gildernew & Co as a new client, we provide a free initial one to two-hour consultation to get to know you and your business. We’ll hear from you about the day-to-day workings of your business and accounts. This first meeting is very informal and will address things like the successes in your business, how your business is presently performing and your personal satisfaction with it. We’ll also discuss what you might like to improve, your short and long-term goals, personal rewards and ultimately, why we should do business together. Of course, we’ll talk to you about your accounts, your tax and filing compliance – but we want to hear from you about what you want to get from your business so that we can make sure we can help you get there.

At Gildernew & Co we’re dedicated to helping businesses grow and achieve their ambitions, so if you want trusted support from someone you can always speak to, then we’re the perfect choice.

High-Quality Insolvency Advice

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Our expert restructuring and insolvency professionals have helped many businesses and individuals get on top of their debt problems and get their lives back on track. Meeting with an insolvency professional can be a very daunting thought for someone in financial difficulty. For a business owner who has thrived for years on success or an individual who thought that bankruptcy would never be a word in their vocabulary, taking that first step to talk about debt can be the toughest. At Gildernew & Co we provide a sympathetic and non-judgemental approach to helping clients deal with debt. We are here to find a solution, to bring control back to the situation and to lift the severe mental pressure that being in debt brings. We have helped clients wipe out millions of pounds in debt though a proper structured insolvency process in a transparent and compassionate approach.

When you come to see us, our first meeting is not, however, ‘tea and sympathy’. In our initial free consultation, we will gather information on who you owe money to and what property and assets you have to settle your debts. From there, we will then provide an outline of your options – and we will tell you what is best for you. For clients who wish to engage our services, we will provide a full outline of what we will do for you, including how much it will cost and detailing when we are going to act. You should be left in no doubt as to what is going to happen next and what it is going to cost you. There can, of course, be no guarantees of success, but we will certainly do our best to get you the right result for your situation.

What Our Clients Say

“Gerard is a very capable business advisor. His breadth of knowledge across accounts, audit, tax and corporate restructuring is admirable. He has applied his extensive experience in working with large corporates, banks and investors as we have concentrated on growing and developing our business operations across Ireland. The key advantage in working with this firm is the senior specialist expertise available when you need it and the consistency of staffing from one project to the next. The firm’s focus on building a senior team of highly experienced professionals has been evident from day one.”

Europarts Motor Factors Ltd – Frazer Follis