Save time, money and stress! Outsource your payroll

Save time, money and stress!

Running a business’ payroll is becoming more and more complex – with auto enrolment for pensions, the continued evolution of Real Time Information, year-end returns, P60s, Benefits in Kind, changes to RTI… the list seems endless.

It can be hard to keep on top of all the changes that come your way – that’s why it can pay to talk to our Payroll team. More and more businesses are outsourcing their payroll function. Gildernew & Co. are working with many Mid-Ulster based clients, providing weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll support.

Geraldine Gildernew who heads up our Payroll function points out some of the benefits.

1. Save Time

Payroll is time consuming so it’s hard to find the most efficient ways to do it in-house. Demand on time increases as staff numbers grow. We manage payroll runs for businesses with just one single employee to companies with 60 staff on their books. As a payroll processor, you have so many checks to make because you are handling so much data – data which varies from employee to employee. By outsourcing this work to Gildernew & Co, we not only save you time but we also eliminate potential errors being made. And now with auto-enrolment a reality for many small businesses, this is a lot for you to think about. Don’t get caught in the trap of not delegating. Get the most out of your business by focusing your concentration on growing your business.

2. Save Money
As a business owner, you have enough to do. Think about all of the time you spend calculating employees’ hours, paid time off, sick leave, printing or signing pay cheques, making electronic payments, generating payroll reports, battling with auto enrolment and filing RTI returns. You have a value on your time – this is not a good use of your time. Think of the savings in overhead costs when you delegate these tasks to us.

3. Heighten Data Security
We have no doubt that the payroll software most businesses use is secure. But when payroll is done in-house,
there’s always a risk that data can be viewed or changed. Don’t put your employees at risk of data theft because of a security flaw. Our servers are highly secure, we use encryption technology, the appropriate rewalls and data backups. Gildernew & Co clients value the peace of mind this brings when it comes to handling employee data.

4. Be Compliant
Payroll mistakes are always a possibility. You may not be a HMRC expert but that can’t be an excuse when something goes wrong. Be compliant with tax regulations. If you’re not confident about this, then ask yourself if you are the right person to be doing payroll. Hand it over to us and we will take that strain away from you. If mistakes have been made, we can correct them while you focus on growing your business.

5. Get Added Value
We look after our clients. We are here to help your business grow. You will get to benefit from our expertise, advice and sleeves rolled up approach. Aside from payroll and auto-enrolment, we also can assist with management accounts, year-end accounts, tax returns, VAT and CIS. By looking after your payroll, we can build up our knowledge of the business and provide invaluable advice elsewhere throughout your business.

6. Stop Worrying
Worrying is a bore. It’s stressful. It’s unnecessary. It’s not good for you or your business. We all have our own skillsets. We couldn’t build a housing development, or fix people’s teeth or carry out open heart surgery – but what we do, and we do it very well, is accountancy. Let us do the jobs we are good at so you can crack on with yours.

If you have any questions about how outsourcing your payroll to us works phone us today on 028 8772 4697 or email Geraldine directly on

Posted on January 25, 2017