Gildernew & Co. Update – Spring Statement 2019


With Brexit continuing to dominate all matters Westminster, the Chancellor’s Spring Statement yesterday came and went largely unnoticed. Introducing the “Deal Dividend” – his expected “economic boost from recovery in business confidence and investment” if we leave the EU in the next few weeks – and claiming that this will bring austerity to end, not surprisingly Brexit was interwoven into every aspect of his speech.  In terms of seismic policy change around fiscal policy and taxes, there was very little new; and given all the uncertainty out there, this is far from the right time to start shaking up taxes. 

Read our Spring Statement Nineteen summary briefing which contains more detail on the Spring Statement and a reminder of some of the ongoing tax consultations which are live, as well as a useful table with all the tax rates for the new tax year 2019/20. 

We hope you find this useful, and as always, if you need any clarification or advices around the contents of this briefing, please get in touch.

Posted on March 14, 2019